orb-weaver is an online PHP and MySql based framework authored by Wellington Mugendi. The framework prooves to be a great tool for rapid development, deployment and maintenance. The devopps Engineer of orb-weaver takes away the need for developers to take more time redundantly writing the same code based on the same concept. The framework requires one be proficient in Mysql databases as that is the only technical requirement.

The orbNet engine over the orbweaver framework consumes a project's developed database and initializes the configuration within the mothership. The project in question is referred to as a drone. After the drone is setup within mothership, the developers role becomes easy as he is left tweaking the configurations of the drone. In addition to configuration, the developer can integrate the drone with existing services of orb-weaver refered to as orbLets. The developer can as well build custom orbLets for the drone. As far as deployment and maintenance is concerned, the developer can easily instantiate a system based on the drone for a client. The instance is refered to as a clone. The clone needs no more than initializing the initial users and there access level. All other aspects of the deployed system clone are managed automatically as changes are done to the respective drones. Imagine over 500 clones being managed and extended by merely making changes to the respective drones. How is that for efficiency?

orb-weaver is part of a group of services authored by the same person. The group, orbNet, includes services such as orbCrypt, orbWeaver with multiple orbLets, etc. orbNet is ever growing to consolidate the most advanced ways to securely and efficiently support online applications for various industries and organisations.

Check out the usage Tab to get a preview of how the system operates before going further.


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On clicking a Navigation button a Datatable refreshes. The Datatable serves as a tabular report.
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Forms are overlayed when the green Button with a plus sign is clicked for data entry. The same goes for the Pencil per record but in this case is used for editing.
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A Drone is a System Application. To Clone is to Make a Copy of the System Application in your desired Name. Read More on About

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