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System's Engineering

Experience Software as a Service through the Orb-Weaver framework by simply Cloning to personalize.
To Clone Implies to Make a Copy of our running Services for Yourself.


Our Services

Flex Origin Services are deployed and maintained internally.
Clients may however request for a personalized set up within their infrastructure in the case of portable services.

System Engineering

Our production flow includes System Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. Security is by default included at every step of the way.

Service Hosting

We deploy all prodcuts in contained environments within our infrastructure. Our clients get to choose their desired containment solutions from Docker or Singularity.

System Security Testing

For all Solutions we build but get hosted by our clients, We insist on carrying out Security checks on the environment. Other clients may contruct the service on other products not affiliated with us.

API Tunneling

Fellow engineering clients can cut down production time by tunneling to various gateways through our API's. Such include Payment, SMS, etc gateways we have already connected with.

VPN Deployment

Clients that are in need of networking their distributed services or clients can commision a Virtual Private Server running openVPN on our infrustructure. That however doesn't limit clients with different interest with the service.

Digital Marketing

This Service only applys by default for clients deploying Clones of Services Comissioned internally or deployed publicly on our infrustructure. Each client gets online presence via a website hosted and generated for free. A free subdomain is guaranteed.

Core Features

For all our Engineered Systems, be it in Web, Mobile, Internet of Things (IOT) and Server Environment,
where applicable the same standards of engineering are applied.


Engineering components are built into the orb-weaver platform. All engineered solutions are as current as orb-weaver.

Service Containment

All our clients' Services are deployed within Docker or Singularity for stability and runtime isolation.

Continuous Integration

Products stay online through out since commissioning. Most enhancememts do not interrupt our client's work.


All products are easily enhanced and remain up to standard as they get the newest procedures from orb-weaver's core.


Networked services and IOT devices tunnel data privately over VPNs. Isolation from the open Internet is Guaranteed.


Direct to the point Interfaces. IOT deployments require minimal configuration.

Familiarization Video

Digital Transformation i.e. why you need to escalate redundant routines to and with us!

Our Portfolio

We have worked on Hardware and Software Systems in various capacities. Some of our products that are classified as public can be Cloned by clients for Free.
Among the featured projects, some are works in progress

orb-weaver Framework: Core Dev Engine

bizDrone: Point of Sale with an online shop

Fluid Dispenser

fleetDrone: Fleet Management System

PoshoMill Automation

Digital Weighing Scale: SMS and Database enabled

Pricing Plans

Depending on the level you would like to commision us, charges will apply with respect to your case.
General pricing is however as follows

Starter Plan

  • For the first 30 days. Applies from date of Deployment
  • After the Free Period payments apply only while using

Popular Plan

  • Monthly Charge
  • Payments undertaken within your Clone
  • Charges Apply only while using

Premium Plan

  • Monthly Cost
  • Applys for Custom Services including specialized Server Instance i.e. VPNs, IOT device Networks, etc




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